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Heal From Your Trauma with EMDR Therapy

We specialize in EMDR Therapy in Denver, Colorado to help you heal from trauma in a whole new way!

EMDR therapy can help you heal in a way you never thought possible.

When you’ve experienced the pain of emotional or psychological trauma it can be difficult knowing how to move forward with your life.

You’re probably looking for a way to move past the painful memories and emotions of what happened.

Our EMDR therapy in Denver, Colorado can help you transform the difficult feelings so you can get back to living your life!

We provide some of the best EMDR Therapy Denver has to offer. Here’s what EMDR can do for you:

Healing your body, mind, and emotions

The most effective way to heal from trauma is by working with your body, mind, and emotions. EMDR therapy is very effective because it helps you deal with trauma in all three areas of your life.

Trauma therapy that does more for you

A common misconception is that trauma counseling means just talking about the painful things that happened. EMDR allows you to work through things in whole new way.


Find freedom your past

Trauma has a way of getting stuck in your life. With EMDR therapy you can move past the things that are holding you back. Our EMDR therapist in Denver can show you how.

EMDR therapy is a unique way to heal from trauma that traditional therapy may not be able to do.

Cody Mitts, MA, LPC

EMDR Therapist in Denver, CO

Hi, I’m Cody Mitts an EMDR therapist in Denver, Colorado that works with the Trauma Counseling Center of Colorado. As a trauma counselor my goal is to provide you with the best EMDR therapy Denver has to offer, so you can experience the power of healing it can offer you.

I believe in EMDR therapy because of the transformation I’ve seen in the lives of many different people I’ve worked with, and because of the the change it’s made in my own life.

If you’re looking for help recovering from some type of trauma in your life, or have questions about EMDR therapy in Denver I would love to talk with you, answer your questions, and help you get started with counseling when you’re ready.

You can reach me by calling:

 (720) 507-8170

You probably have questions about our EMDR therapy in Denver. We’re happy to answer them.

What is EMDR therapy?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Yes that’s a mouthful. EMDR uses eye movements and other types of stimulation such as sound  to help you process things more effectively than normal.

How does EMDR therapy work?

EMDR therapy is a process that your therapist will guide you through. Each phase of therapy will help you work through feelings, memories, or emotions in a way that’s beneficial to you. 

What is EMDR therapy used for?

Traditionally EMDR therapy is used to help people struggling with the effects of trauma. This includes problems like PTSD, anxiety or panic attacks, and depression. We find EMDR to be very useful for things like low self esteem, shame, or relational trauma.

 How many sessions does EMDR therapy take?

There’s a few things to consider about how long therapy might take. It can depend on what type of trauma you experienced, how long ago the trauma occurred, and previous therapy you’ve completed. You can expect at least 5-12 counseling sessions before you might experience the full benefits of EMDR treatment.

How do I start EMDR therapy?

We will begin by scheduling a consultation with an EMDR trained therapist. Together we will talk about the process of EMDR treatment and make sure that you feel good about getting started. It’s important for you to feel comfortable making the decision to begin. Call us at (720) 507-8170 to learn more or get started.

Where is the counseling center located?

We provide EMDR in Denver and the surrounding areas. We are located at the Trauma Counseling Center of Colorado in the Cherry Creek area of Denver. Our building is easy to find and offers free parking.

Our EMDR therapy in Denver can help with many of the symptoms of trauma.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)


Anxiety Problems


Panic Attacks


Relationship Trauma


Rage & Anger Problems


Insecurity & Self Esteem


Sleep problems & nightmares

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